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quinta-feira, 7 de julho de 2011

Mix Show Tribute To Tupac Shakur -Dj Thailo


My Story

I was born in the ghetto,
With the status of poverty without a fish;
I was taught in the ghetto,
With much tears than hope;
I was brought up in the ghetto,
Without the Statue of Liberty to salute.
But this way was part of my maturity;
That is why i do not respect the gun in your pocket.

.My hard life started when I lost my dad at 13.My momma was a Panther loud, single parent but she proud when she witnessed baby boy rip a crowd to school, but I dropped out, and left the house cause my mama say I'm good for nothin, so I'm out since I only got one life to live,

 In the ghetto with hard life and struggles all day which comes away with troubles but later I saw my man dj jimmy jatt doing it on the screen with scracthes and mixes of hip hop and I said to my self this is the dream but how can I survive it with this misery and poverty?

Been a long day...on my way to my holy place to pray...Give thanks for every blessing given to me...I know theres more to see...more to me...no more living in misery...Cos this is how i visioned life to beee.....but I still have a long way to go..................